Why Winter Tires Are Necessary – General Info

Winter tires, otherwise known as snow tires, are especially designed to be used in icy and cold conditions. They are a replacement of the tire chains used on snowy terrain. In most countries that have winter conditions, using winter tires when there is snow on the roads is absolutely necessary and controlled by the law. If you are not using special winter tires in such conditions, you can be charged with a fine of over $500. This is more than the actual cost of the tires, so you may want to go and buy some if you don’t have any, instead of using regular all-season or summer tires. By not using winter tires in snowy conditions, you also drastically increase the chance of having an accident due to the reduced traction and stability of the vehicle. Get the facts about tire Auburn see this.

Winter tires are so special because of the type of rubber they are made of. They include more natural silica and rubber. These materials don’t get as hard and stiff as the synthetic ones that are used in other types of tires. This enables winter tires to maintain their performance in very low temperatures. On the surface of the winter tire, that comes in contact with the road, there are significantly more treads than on other types of tires. This enables the tire to perform better on snowy, icy and wet terrain, as the treads help the water escape from under the tire. Winter tires drastically reduce the risks of experiencing hydroplaning. Hydroplaning occurs on very wet surfaces, when the layer of water between the tire and the road is too big and the excess water can’t be pushed away by the treads. In such situations, the car actually floats on a few millimeters of water. This causes a total loss of control over the vehicle and in almost every case leads to an accident. This is one of the main reasons why winter tires are really necessary in this kind of conditions, and using them can even save your life.

In Scandinavian countries, there is a special type of winter tires. The tires used in these regions have metal studs scattered on the surface of the tire. The studs combined with the wide treads, ensure maximum traction and control over the vehicle in icy, snowy and wet conditions. However, this kind of tires is used only in Scandinavia because of the extreme weather conditions in the region. In other countries, tires with metal studs are prohibited because of the damage they do to the roads.